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PvP Armor /wepon by Lineag2-Info

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PvP Armor /wepon by Lineag2-Info
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PostWysłany: Wto 9:19, 13 Lip 2010    Temat postu: PvP Armor /wepon by Lineag2-Info
[Color = red] Personal Reputation Points and PvP bonus [/ color]
Any character who has 40 levels and made the change of profession may use the Personal Reputation Points. Points can be gained by participation in the Fortress Sieges, Castle Sieges, Clan Battles Hall, the Underground Arena on Fantasy Island, won the Festival of Darkness and a Noblesse Gate Passes from the Olympiad. Personal Fame Points can be used to improve the armor and weapons with a special bonus pvp.

[Color = red] Getting Personal Reputation Points / Fame [/ color]

Castle Siege War - What do you get 5 minutes max but 125 PRP PRP for the 3000 siege. You only get when you're on the battlefield and your clan is registered in the siege as a striker or defender. Entry and exit from the field will be reset
Fortress Siege War - What do you get 5 min 31 max 372 PRP PRP but for the Fortress Siege. The same rules as the siege of the castle
Clan Hall Battle - Every 5 minutes but you get a max of 31 PRP 372 PRP for the fight Clan Hall. The same rules as the siege of the castle
Underground Arena - The first receives 80 PRP.
Another win gives:
Won 2 ~ 5: 85, 90, 95, 100 PRP
Won 6 ~ 10 rounds: 102, 104, 106, 108, 110 PRP
You won 11 times and above: 111, 112, 113 PRP ...
The result of winning five times in a row: 80 + 85 + 90 + 95 + 100 = 450 PRP
Festival of Darkness - Users best party of the last cycle of seven sings zobywają PRP 1080
Olympiad - You can convert your Noblesse Gate Passes for private reputation points in a 20:1 ratio
Private Issue Credit Reputation

Low-level charktery that CP may have to eliminate them - a 5000 PRP elminuje CP
You can replace the Personal Reputation Points clan points - 1.000 PRP 50-CRP
You can upgrade weapons and armor thanks to a special bonus pvp
You can buy Items fight
Reputation Managers of the next Olympiad is localized Monument in Aden and Rune

[Color = red] PVP Bonus - Weapons [/ color]

Weapons must be in possession of. Only Rare weapons may have PVP Bonus (Obtaining rare weapons possible during kraftowania arms. It is possible from Gracia part 1). PvP bonus having Weapons can not be strengthened element stones so do it before you apliwoał PvP bonus. PVP weapons can not be altered in the arms or udostempnione dropniete Kama. The list of bonuses for pvp there is a tab passywnych skills. PvP bonus can be removed for free

CP Drain - Recovers CP When the attack
Cancel - Cancels one or more buffs on a fixed dumb when attacking.
Ignore Shield Defense - Reduces enemy defense shield in a fixed obtuse when attacking.
Attack Chance - dostkowe obrarzenia imposes a fixed dumb when attacking.
Increases Casting-Casting spd. when attacking.
Rapid Fire - Zwikesza Atk.Spd bow / crossbow in fixed dumb when attacking.
Decrease Range - Reduces scale area bow / crossbow in fixed dumb when attacking.
Decrease Resist - Reduces resistance to the attributes in the attribute set dumb when attacking.
Only the B grade weapons for the S80 can receive a bonus. The bonus is assigned to specific weapons. Below is a list możliwyć bonsów

Earth - Increases Max HP
Landslide chance to stun when attacking
Great Gale - Increases Atk. Spd.
On Fire - Increases HP regeneration
Destruction - Increases P. Atk.
Lightning - increases critical damage
Thunder - Increases critical attack rate
Concentration - Increases Accuracy
Evil Spirit - absorbs HP when attacking
Clairvoyance - increases attack range
Wisdom - MP consumption decreases
Confusion - Increases Evasion
Molar - the chance to poison when attacking
Hail - Increases M. Atk.
Cleverness - Increases HP Regeneration
Nature - Increases Max MP
Holy Spirit - increases the efficiency of treatment
The following table shows the PvP bonus of a specific weapon to a particular grade

[Color = blue] S80 Grade
(Each requires 7 Mammon's Varnish Enhancer)
S Grade
(Each requiring five Mammon's Varnish Enhancer)
-Dynasty Ancient Sword - Great Gale
-Dynasty Bagh-Nakh - Great Gale
, Dynasty Blade - Great Gale
-Dynasty Bow - Great Gale
-Dynasty Crossbow - Great Gale
-Dynasty Crusher - Great Gale
-Dynasty Cudgel - Landslide
-Dynasty Halberd - Earth
-Dynasty Knife - Great Gale
-Dynasty Mace - Earth
-Dynasty Phantom - Wisdom
-Dynasty Rapier - Earth
-Dynasty Sword - Earth
-Dynasty Staff - Holy Spirit
-Icarus Disperser - Confusion
-Icarus Hammer - Earth
-Icarus Hand - Destruction
-Icarus Heavy Arms - Thunder
-Icarus Sawsword - Destruction
-Icarus Shooter - Concentration
-Icarus Spirit - Earth
-Icarus Spitter - Concentration
-Icarus Stinger - Destruction
-Icarus Wingblade - Thunder
-Icarus Trident - Lightning-Angel Slayer - Concentration
, Arcana Mace - Nature
Battlehammer-Basalt - Earth
-Demon Splinter - Lightning
-Draconic Bow - Lightning
-Dragon Hunter Axe - Lightning
-Forgotten Blade - Thunder
-Gram - Lightning
-Heaven 's Divider - Lightning
-Imperial Staff - Nature
-Laevateinn - Thunder
-Saint Spear - Destruction
-Sarunga - Earth [/ color]

[Color = green] A Grade
(Each requires 3 Mammon's Varnish Enhancer)
Grade B
(Each requires a Mammon's Varnish Enhancer)
-Barakiel's Axe - On Fire
- Behemoht's Tuning Fork - Destruction
- Blood Tornado - Destruction
- Bloody Orchid - Confusion
- Branch of the Mother Tree - Nature
- Bultgang - Earth
- Cabrio's Hand - cleverness
- Carnage Bow - Concentration
- Daimon Crystal - Wisdom
- Dark Legion - Lightning
- Dasparion's Staff - Hail
- Destroyer Hammer - Thunder
- Divine Pain - Concentration
- Doom Crusher - Lightning
- Doomchanter - Concentration
- Dragon Grinder - Earth
- Dragon Slayer - Evil Spirit
- Eclair Bijou - Landslide
- Elemental Sword - Hail
- Elysian - Great Gale
- Flaming Dragon Skull - Wisdom
- Halberd - Thunder
- Infernal Master - Concentration
- Lacerator - Lightning
- Meteor Shower - Earth
- Naga Storm - Molar
- Screaming Vengeance - Concentration)
- Shyeed's Bow - Concentration
-Sirra 's Blade - Landslide
-Sobekk's Hurricane - Landslide
- Soul Bow - Clairvoyance
- Soul seperator - On Fire
- Spiritual Eye - Hail
- Sword of iPOS - Earth -
- Sword of Miracles - Holy Spirit
-Tallum Blade - Destruction
Tallum-Glaive - On Fire
-Themis' Tongue - cleverness
-Tiphon's Spear - Landslide
-Undertaker - Evil Spirit
-White Lightning - Destruction-anthro Nail - Destruction
- Art of Battle Axe - Landslide
- Bellion Cestus - Great Gale
- Bow of Peril - Earth
- Colichemarde - Earth
- Dark Elven Long Bow - Concentration
- Deadman's Glory - Landslide
- Demon Dagger - Great Gale
- Dismantler - Great Gale
- Great Axe - Lightning
- Great Sword - Thunder
- Guardian Sword - Great Gale
- Heavy War Axe - Earth
- Hell Hound - Earth
- Hell Knife - Confusion
- Ice Storm Hammer - Thunder
- Innominate Victory - Thunder
- Kaim Vanul's Bones - Earth
- Keshanberk - Destruction
- Kris - Confusion
- Lance - Earth
- Military Fleuret - Destruction
- Peacemaker - Concentration
- Sword of Damascus - Earth
- Sword of Valhalla - Nature
- Spellbreaker - Hail
- Sprite's Staff - Hail
- Staff of Evil Spirits - Holy Spirit
- Star Buster - Great Gale
- Wizard's Tear - On Fire
[/ Color]

[Color = red] PVP Bonus - Armor
[/ Color]
Armor must be unsealed. Rare armor parts can not get a PvP bonus. PVP Special Bonus applies only to the sets are burning parts (upper body) or a full jcześci (full body) itemu may be improved. Armor PvP bonus can not be strengthened element stones so it must be done by applying a PvP bonus. PvP armor can not be exchanged, or udostempnione dropniete. PvP bonus can be removed for free. Only the top A-grade to low S80 armor can be improved. PvP bonus disc is not currently in the game.

Robe Armor: Critical Down - Decreases obrarzenia received during PvP, and Reduces critical rate and critical damage on a fixed dumb when attacking.
Heavy Armor: Speed Down - Decreases obrarzenia received during PvP, and Reduces all objectives within a fixed rate when attacking dumb.
Light Armor: Mirage - Reduces obrarzenia obtained during the PVP, and cancels the set target przecienika dumb when attacking.
ingame notes:
Damage Down - Decreases obrarzenia received when you start the attack.
Heal - Adds effek Major Heal when you use the player.
Bonus Shield (not ingame):
Reflect Damage - reflects enemy attacks on a fixed dumb when attacking.
PVP Bonus - Cost

To improve things with a special bonus PVP need sufficient and Personal Reputation Points adena. Number of credits needed and is dependent adena Itemu Grade:

[Color = red] Weapons [/ color]

A-Grade: 8.091 PRP, 890.050 adena
S-Grade: 11545 PRP, 1,154,520 adena
S80: 26.437 PRP, 2,643,720 adena
Upper Body Armor / Heavy

A-Grade: 2.641 PRP, 264.100 adena
S-Grade: 3.451 PRP, 345.105 adena
S80: 8.606 PRP, 860.640 adena
Fullbody Armor / Light & Robe

A-Grade: 1.981 PRP, 198.100 adena
S-Grade: 4.206 PRP, 420.570 adena
S80: 6.455 PRP, 645.480 adena
Battlefield Items

Black Talisman - Escape: When you use cancels all braking skills States. This item can not be sold or dropniety. - 500 PRP
White Talisman of Freedom: Increases resistance to hold the attack. This item can not be sold or dropniety. - 500 PRP
Red Talisman - Max. CP: CP Increases maximum CP and the ongoing refocusing of the power of a talisman. - 500 PRP
Red Talisman - CP Regeneration: Regeneration CP dramatically increases the power of a talisman. - 500 PRP
Yellow Talisman - Increase Energy: Increases your energy with the power of a talisman. - 500 PRP
Yellow Talisman - Damage Transition: Transfers part of their offended the servitor of the power of a talisman. - 500 PRP
Combat Recovery Spellbook for Use: Spellbook renews low levelowej form exp after death. You can only use in battle. - 30 PRP
Blessed Battleground the Scroll of Escape: Moves you to najbliżeszej village. It can be used only during the siege of fortresses, or war. - 270 PRP
Battle Health Recovery Potion: Recovers HP when you use. When you use the player below lvl 52 mute the effect. It can be used only during the siege of fortresses, or war. - 14 PRP
Battle Mana Recovery Potion: Recovers MP when you use. When you use the player below lvl 52 mute the effect. It can be used only during the siege of fortresses or war. - 92 PRP
Battle CP Recovery Potion: Recovers CP when you use. When you use the player below lvl 52 mute the effect. It can be used only during the siege of fortresses, or war. - 40 PRP

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